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Our patent and trademark lawyers give you optimum value and protection.

At Cincy Patents, a practice group of Hasse & Nesbitt LLC, we specialize in drafting, filing and prosecuting medical and biotech patent applications for individual inventors and corporations located in Cincinnati, the U.S., and abroad. While it can be expensive to protect your intellectual property and technology, our rates are very reasonable when compared to most large city Patent all embodiments of your invention to get maximum protection in your patent strategy and firms. Hasse & Nesbitt LLC is a small, specialized intellectual property and technology law firm, but appropriately sized to provide you with highly personalized service at a competitive price. Whether you require patent strategy and management advice, patent application services, counseling in the enforcement of your intellectual property rights, trademark registration attorneys, or copyright services, we can help you develop the most effective solutions for your intellectual property needs.

The patent and trademark attorneys and technical consultants at Cincy Patents have backgrounds in pharmacology, physiology, medicine, molecular biology, physics, metallurgical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, material science, computer science, and medical devices. Cincy Patents will help you protect for your intellectual property rights.

Ensure the maximum protection with our patent and trademark lawyers

Trademark registration attorneys give you maximum trademark strategies.Cincy Patents can help you obtain, defend, enforceand license patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Our patent and trademark attorneys have international experience and have worked effectively with clients and patent professionals around the world. We can meet the needs of foreign clients in obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights in the United States, and address the needs of both U.S. and foreign clients for intellectual property protection throughout the world.

Because of our experience as patent, copyright and trademark attorneys, we can help you effectively interact with the USPTO and others involved in the approval of your patent, trademark and copyright applications. We can help you to maintain your invention's exclusivity and to capitalize on licensing opportunities. We can also provide guidance on patent strategy and management.

Every Step of Patent Strategy and Management Is Important

Our services can help you at any stage in the development of your patent strategy and management and patent application. We can help you research your idea and help you understand the patentability of your invention before going forward with our patent application services.

Know that you have the fullest patent strategy and management.Suppose you invent a breakthrough product and protect only the final commercialized embodiment of the invention. Are you aware that you are vulnerable for competitors to easily "design around" and market competitive versions of it? By patenting the broad embodiments as well as embodiments leading to the final commercial product do you adequately protect your invention.

The patent attorneys at Cincy Patents understand the importance of providing services that address all facets of your invention. Allow us to manage your intellectual property matters, including patent applications and patent strategy and management, so you can obtain protection in the U.S., and internationally.

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