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How do you register for a copyright?

Authors and musicians alike should have their intellectual property, such as their collections of writings and music, protected by U.S. copyright registration, so nobody else can copy their work without their permission. If you are such an author or musician, you may be asking, "How do I register for a copyright?"

Cincy Patents, a practice group of Hasse & Nesbitt LLC, can offer you services to help you register your work of art with the U.S. Copyright Office. In fact, Cincy Patents can help you obtain protection for all of your intellectual property, including patents, copyrights and trademarks.

The process is really quite easy.Our attorneys answering qestions like, How do you register for a copyright? Arrange a meeting with one of our attorneys by calling 513-229-0383, ext. 105, fill out the Rapid Request form on the right side of this page, or send an e-mail to Bring or mail the work you wish to get copyrighted to us. We will then prepare and file a U.S. Copyright Registration Application application with the U.S. Copyright Office on your behalf.

We will keep you involved in every step of the copyright registration process, which usually takes a few months to finalize. Any correspondence from the U.S. Copyright Office will be passed on to you. At Cincy Patents, you can get your intellectual property protected and copyrighted. Furthermore, you can get an answer to all your questions, including the one, "How do I register for a copyright?"


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