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Patent A Biotech Invention

We can get biotech patents filed for all new medical inventions

Perhaps you have an idea for a new type of heart pump, or invented a new motion MRI machine that provides real-time video of the action inside the body. Cincy Patents can help you get your biotech invention protected. The attorneys at Cincy Patents, a practice group of Hasse & Nesbitt LLC, have experience with helping clients patent biotechnology inventions.

At Hasse & Nesbitt our attorneys and technical consultants have a wide range of technical expertise, including backgrounds in medicine, physics, molecular biology, and chemical and mechanical engineering. We can help you patent a biotech invention or get an application for a biotech patent filed.

Getting Biotech Inventions Protected

When you contact our office for consultation, we can talk with you about your invention and have you fill out our Invention Disclosure Form. Using our experience in patent drafting, we can help to make sure your patent application includes a complete and adequate description of the technology, consisting of full, clear, concise, and exact terms. We can help you describe your invention so that it clearly conveys to those skilled in the technology that you, as inventor, possess the claimed invention. Hasse & Nesbitt LLC even gets plant biotech patents filed. 

We can also provide guidance with the development of your biotech idea, helping you to license your invention, in addition to our basic services in patent drafting and prosecution.

During our consultation phase we typically conduct a thorough patentability search to determine whether you can obtain patent protection for your invention. We can also search to determine if your invention infringes on any existing patents. Once you have taken these steps, we can help you get your biotech inventions protected.

Cost-Effective Patent Drafting for Biotech Inventions

To patent a biotech invention contact Ron Richter at Cincy Patents, 513-229-0383, ext. 105, or e-mail him at You'll find our rates and fees are competitive with most intellectual property lawyers and attorneys. Competitive fees, plus our distinguished backgrounds and experience can provide valuable means to get your biotech invention protected.

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Hasse & Nesbitt LLC even gets plant biotech patents filed.

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